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How to charge and discharge a rechargeable battery correctly?
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It is more important to charge the newly bought rechargeable battery for the first time. Usually, rechargeable batteries are set to zero-charge no-load state when they leave the factory, so new rechargeable batteries need to be charged before they can be used. In addition, the previous charging and discharging conditions directly affect the battery's future life. The correct operation method should be to choose the conventional way to charge smoothly, and try to fully charge after exhausting every time.

First of all, we should adhere to the principle of "emptying and filling" and strive to fully release the electric energy before each charge. A great disadvantage of Ni-Cd battery is that it has a "memory effect", that is, the battery will "remember" the amount of electricity charged each time, and the next time it is recharged. You can only charge the capacity you remembered last time. Therefore, if you charge the battery halfway before the power is exhausted, the capacity of the battery will be reduced, and over time, it will gradually make the battery capacity tend to zero.

Secondly, prevent mixed charging. Because different manufacturers have different technologies and battery capacities. Therefore, rechargeable batteries of different brands or different models and capacities of the same brand cannot be mixed on the same charger, let alone used on the same equipment.

In addition, don't take quick charging frequently, and don't charge the newly used battery immediately, which will affect or shorten the service life of the battery.

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