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Take you to understand the "past lives" of batteries.
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History of battery development:

In 1780, Italian anatomist Gavani discovered "bioelectricity" while doing frog anatomy.

In 1799, Volta successfully made the world's first battery, a Volta stack, by immersing zinc and silver plates in salt water.

In 1836, Daniel, an Englishman, used dilute sulfuric acid as electrolyte to make "Daniel battery", which solved the problem of battery polarization.

In 1839, Grove, an Englishman, invented the fuel cell, which is a simple hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell with platinum black as electrode catalyst.

In 1860, Plante, a Frenchman, invented a storage battery with lead as electrode, which can be recharged and reused.

In 1860, Reclin, a Frenchman, invented the precursor of the carbon-zinc battery widely used in the world.

In 1887, Hellesen, an Englishman, invented the earliest dry battery.

In 1890, American Edison invented the rechargeable iron-nickel battery.

In 1899, Waldmar Jungner invented the nickel-cadmium battery.

In 1904, Edison replaced sulfuric acid with sodium hydroxide solution and lead with nickel and iron to make the world's first nickel-iron-alkali battery.

In 1914, Edison invented alkaline batteries.

In 1954, the first solar cell was born in Bell Laboratories.

In 1961, the zinc-silver button battery was successfully developed, which was mainly used in small-scale daily electronic products.

In 1990, Sony successfully developed a lithium-ion battery.

In 2009, researchers successfully developed a coin-sized "nuclear battery" that generates electricity through the decay of isotopes.

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