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You can read all battery models in one minute.
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The common types of batteries are "AAAA,AAA,AA,A,SC,C,D, N,F".

AAAA models are relatively rare, and disposable AAAA alkaline batteries are generally used in computer pens.

AAA batteries are relatively common. Generally, MP3 players use AAA batteries.

AA batteries are even more well known, and AA batteries are indispensable for digital cameras and electric toys.

SC model is not common, generally the battery core in the battery pack, which can be seen in power tools, cameras and imported equipment.

Model C is actually the No.2 battery, which has many uses.

Model D is the No.1 battery, which is widely used, and can be found in civil, military and special DC power supplies.

N model is not common. The standard N (flat head) battery has a height of 28.5±0.5mm and a diameter of 11.7.

Model F battery is a new generation product of electric moped and power battery, which tends to replace lead-acid maintenance-free battery. Generally, it is used as battery core. The standard N (flat head) battery is 89.0±0.5mm in height and 32.3 mm in diameter.

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